West Africa Gas Limited
West Africa Gas Limited


An integral part of West Africa Gas Limited's culture is an absolute commitment to safety and health of all employees and other persons who may be affected by its activities, and to the optimum protection of the environment in which its operations are conducted.

The following guidelines constitute WA Gas' HSE Policy Statement: WA Gas Ltd. commits to comply with all relevant laws, statues and regulations relating to safety within the environment in which it operates.

No employee will commit, conone or knowingly be part to an unsae act or violation of all relevant laws, statues and regulations relating to safety within their working hours and working environment.

WA Gas Ltd shall provide training to all employees as nessary to enable them protect their health, to work safely and protect the environment.

Third parties, suppliers and other personnel working on WA Gas Ltd locations or in WA Gas Ltd facilities are required to cinduct themselves in a manner which is in compliance with the said , HSE Policy Statement, and applicable to statutory regulations.

WA Gas Ltd will help its employees to care of their own health. When required by project location and condition, medical support provided may include vaccinations, physical check ups, and medical evaluation. However, ultimate responsibility for personal health lies with each employee.

WA Gas Ltd will review, revise and communicate its policies and procedures on Health, Safety and Environment whenever neccessary to ensure a steady improvement of its safety management.

Corporate Governance

The Statement of Corporate Governance has been established by the Board of Directors of the West Africa Gas Ltd and is intended, in conjunction with the Company's Articles of Association, other Corporate Governance documents and all applicable local and international laws, to be flexible framework within which the Borad may conduct its business.

It is the policy of the Company to facilitate communications of shareholders and other interested parties through the Board of Directors, therefore devoid of influences from its shareholders and other interested parties.

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